A special collaboration feature coming out of Western Australia

MRRC x Thieves

Who are thieves?

Thieves are a team of coffee lovers from the caffeine-fuelled streets of Melbourne on a mission to bring Australian coffee to the world! 

What do they do?

Curating a coffee subscription service that showcases the most delicious and unique Australian coffee and delivers it right to your doorstep.

Why are we teaming up?

MRRC is this month's feature roastery at Thieves Coffee. Showcasing what we do in the world of coffee over here in the West.

What are we showcasing?

Filter: Arara Azul Elixir

Espresso: Yira Yarkiny

Capsules: Genesis Pods

In conversation with Thieves

Our Latest Collaboration

In our recent chat with Thieves, we at Margaret River Roasting Co. shared our journey from founding our roastery in Western Australia to becoming pioneers in specialty small-batch roasting. We highlighted our latest venture, the 'Yira Yarkiny' espresso roast, featuring Queensland-grown beans from Jack Murat's farm, a first for us in showcasing Australian-grown coffee. This initiative not only celebrates the quality of local agriculture but also supports Children’s Ground, aiding First Nations communities. Our conversation underscored our commitment to fostering a vibrant coffee culture, emphasising quality, sustainability, and innovation, and inviting coffee enthusiasts to join us in this ongoing journey of exploration and community building.

In conversation with Thieves

Tell us about you! What’s your coffee background?

Hello! I'm Isaac, a roaster and co-founder here at Margaret River Roasting Co. My coffee journey began over two decades ago in a quaint country café, igniting a passion for coffee that has only grown stronger with time. This passion led me through various roles in specialty coffee shops, where I deepened my knowledge and appreciation for the craft. The pivotal moment came when I learned the art of roasting, setting the stage for what would eventually become Margaret River Roasting Co., born from a vision shared with my close friends to introduce specialty coffee to our region.

In conversation with Thieves

How do you source your coffee beans and what do you look for in the beans you use?

We're fortunate to partner with some of the best importers who prioritise transparency and thoroughness in their green bean sourcing. Our coffees are always traceable, often right back to the mill or farm, and sometimes even to the farmers themselves. We seek out coffees that truly represent their origin, offering a balanced cup that everyone can enjoy. A key part of our sourcing philosophy is to support farmers and families by purchasing the same coffees year after year, allowing our customers to enjoy the return of their favorites each season.

In conversation with Thieves

Can you give our home brewers some hot tips to make the most out of this month’s coffee?

The best advice I can offer is to experiment. While we provide brewing guidelines, remember that coffee is incredibly subjective, and there's no single "right" way to enjoy it. Over the years, I've learned the importance of finding what works best for you. Don't be afraid to break the rules, adjust doses, or change temperatures. The key is to have fun and discover your perfect cup.

In conversation with Thieves

Tell us about what’s in store for Margaret River Roasting Co. for the rest of the year?

Looking ahead to 2024, we're focusing on getting closer to what matters most. This year is all about deepening our existing relationships and ensuring every coffee experience we offer is exceptional. We're committed to quality over quantity, from the beans we roast to the connections we foster. Our aim is to strengthen our coffee family, making sure every partner, team member, and customer feels valued and connected. Our simple yet powerful goal is to deliver great coffee, strong relationships, and a positive impact with every cup and conversation.