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Craft Cold Brew from Margaret River Roasting Co.: premium, single-origin coffee beans brewed to perfection for a smooth, refreshing drink. The go-to choice for a quality cold brew on the go.

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What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brewed coffee, also referred to as cold water extraction or cold pressing, is a type of coffee making process where coffee grounds are soaked in cold water for an extended period of time. This method produces a smoother, less acidic flavour than traditional brewing methods, and often has a stronger flavour profile. 

What coffee is the best for making cold brew?

You can use any kind of coffee or roast, even the one you generally prefer drinking. What matters is a good recipe! General things to consider is using filtered water, ensuring coffee grounds are properly filtered and cold brewing takes place for at least 12 hours.  

Craft Cold Brew - Black - Margaret River Roasting Co

What makes Craft Cold Brew by Margaret River Roasting Company unique?

  • Brewed at cold temperature for 24 hrs
  • We dilute 80 kg premium coffee in 800 ltr water
  • Conveniently packaged in a can
  • Gently agitated - the can is pumped full of nitrogen
  • Water comes from farm rain-water tanks in Jindong

Why choose Craft Cold Brew

Crafted in WA

Locally roasted and brewed with passion


Eco-friendly production for a better planet

No Sugar

Just the natural sweetness of top-grade beans

Vegan Friendly

Inclusive indulgence for all coffee lovers

Taste Good

A flavour that turns coffee time into me-time