Yira Yarkiny - Stand Tall

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Cocoa, Raisin, Biscotti
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Roast Type (Filter or Espresso)

250g - (approx. 15-18 cups *double shot)
500g - (approx. 30-35 cups *double shot)
1kg - (approx. 60-70 cups *double shot)

Every purchase supports The Children's Ground Foundation

Grown in North Queensland, roasted in the South West Western Australia

Embark on an immersive journey through Australia's captivating landscapes with Yira Yarkiny. We partner with traditional landowners, infusing meaningful indigenous art into our coffee design, capturing the essence of natural wonders. Each sip takes you closer to the heart of Australia.

Grown in the idyllic environment of Jack Murat farm, our beans thrive in the volcanic soil of the Great Dividing Range, offering distinct flavour profiles that pay homage to this extraordinary place. But the true magic lies in your support for the First Nations people, empowering Aboriginal communities and driving national reform.

Indulge in the soul-stirring landscapes, nature's raw power, and indigenous culture's resilience, converging in every cup. Join us on this profound journey, honouring the land and the extraordinary people who make Australia truly remarkable.

Customer Reviews

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Best coffee. Best service

Pleasant but subtle grassy tones

Opened a fresh batch and very much enjoyed a laté from an espresso shot with no criticisms at all. Was very surprised when later in the morning I made an Americano with my trusty Aeropress recipe and noticed a subtle grassy taste lingering after each mouthful. Ditched the cup, ground and re-brewed and got the same result. Sticking to just having laté’s with these beans.

David Pocock
Great Aussie beans

Exceptionally roasted Australian beans. Great start to the day!

Owain Price
Exceptional local coffee

Delicious coffee for any time of the day, with or without milk. Great to see aussie beans represented with fantastic artwork and support for local charity.

Perfection in a cup!

Loved this bean from the first brew. Well rounded, delicious as a pour over, as well as holding up to milk based espresso drinks. The packaging is GORG too!

We're delighted to read your review and know that our product has made a positive impact. Thank you for choosing MRRC!

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