Barista Courses

Discover the Art of Coffee Making with Margaret River Roasting Co

Welcome to our exciting Barista Courses at Margaret River Roasting Co, your gateway to unlocking the secrets of sublime coffee.

We've tailored our courses to engage coffee enthusiasts of every level - from first-time brewers to skilled baristas, from eager students to corporate groups. Our aim? To help you enhance your coffee experience, whether you're at home, stepping into the industry, or looking to refine your professional skills.

Explore Our Range of Coffee Mastery Courses

Elevate Your Home Coffee Experience

The Home Barista

  • Duration: 1.5 hours 
  • Recommend Experience: All levels
  • Cost per person: $149

Included in this course: 1.5 hour lesson, 250g bag of coffee and $25 coffee voucher!

This course is your entry point into the world of espresso coffee. Here, you'll master the art of espresso preparation and milk steaming, setting a strong foundation for future latte art skills. We'll explore the full range of espresso beverages, and offer guidance on effective cleaning and maintenance of your home espresso equipment.

Recommended for all levels, this course is for people wanting to elevate their home coffee experience and understand the basics of coffee. Whether this is on your home espresso machine, a v60 pour-over or a stovetop; we can assess the moving parts and how to increase flavour! 

The Complete Guide to the Perfect Espresso

Barista Training 101 Course 

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Recommend Experience: All levels
  • Cost per person: $179

Included in this course: 3 hour lesson, 250g bag of coffee and $25 coffee voucher!

Our course caters to participants of all skill levels, offering comprehensive instruction that spans from espresso extraction and milk texturing to the intricacies of pouring and workflow management. This program is meticulously designed to provide a well-rounded understanding of the commercial coffee production process, blending both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical elements. Our goal is to empower you with a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise that you can readily apply in your professional setting.

This course is for anyone wanting to up-skill their barista foundations; whether that be to get a job in the coffee world, to get a promotion or just to enhance their knowledge.

Understanding the Science Behind Your Cup

Advanced: Espresso Extraction

Recommend Experience: Completed Barista 101 class / Industry professional

Included in this course: 1.5 hour lesson, 250g bag of coffee and $25 coffee voucher!

This advanced course unravels the science of espresso extraction. Learn how to gauge an espresso shot based on its strength and extraction quality. We'll investigate how brewing variables like brew ratio, preparation technique, grind, and temperature impact the flavour profile of your coffee. This course is ideal for home or industry baristas ready to take their skills to new heights. Experience and an understanding of coffee is recommended.


Tess and Isaac, our lead baristas, teach the barista courses. They bring a wealth of experience from working in cafes and are experts in coffee's journey from bean to cup. 

They are skilled in various brewing methods, including espresso, Aeropress, stovetop, filter, syphon, and cold drip.

Our barista courses take place at our roastery in Vasse, Western Australia. 

Yes, our Home Barista and Barista 101 courses are designed for beginners. 

These three-hour courses comprehensively introduce the coffee industry and practical experience with basic coffee-making techniques.

Yes, our Advanced Barista Course is tailored for baristas who want to refine their skills in shot extraction, milk texturing, and coffee presentation, including latte art. 

This intensive session is perfect for anyone looking to take their barista skills to the next level.

Our Barista 101 course includes a focus on latte art. 

It teaches techniques for creating beautiful coffee presentations, making it suitable for beginners and advanced baristas interested in improving their latte art skills.