5 Reasons to Visit a Coffee Roastery

Australia is a land of coffee lovers. In recent years, coffee roasters have become increasingly popular as consumers seek high-quality and freshly brewed coffee. There are many lovely benefits to enjoy by visiting your local coffee roaster. We share five reasons why you should make it part of your coffee routine.

MRRC roastery cafe

1. You get to know the coffee:

One of the best experiences of visiting a coffee roaster is getting to know the coffee itself. You can talk to baristas about the type of beans they use, learn about their roasting process, and even sample the coffee before you buy it. This intimate experience gives you an understanding of the coffee that you just can’t get from buying pre-packaged beans at the grocery store. At Margaret River Roasting Co.’s roastery cafe in Vasse, we offer free tastings and blend demonstrations so you can get the full insight into the coffee you’ll be taking home.

2. It’s freshly roasted:

No one can deny the joy of a good cup of coffee. Freshly roasted coffee beans just offer a much more intense flavour than pre-packaged coffee. At a coffee roastery, you can be sure that you’re getting the freshest coffee possible from high-quality beans that are roasted and served right there. This means you get the full range of flavours and aromas that you just can’t find anywhere else. Plus, you get to enjoy a cup of coffee made by professionals who know exactly how to get the most out of the beans.

3. You learn about the various origins of coffee:

Do you know where your coffee beans come from? At most coffee roasters, you can learn about the origins of the coffee beans and see firsthand the effects of growing and roasting on the flavour and aroma profile. For instance, at MRRC, you can sample single origin coffee from different regions of the world, giving you a unique taste of each country. From Ethiopia to Rwanda, Guatemala to Honduras, there are so many unique flavour notes available for you to discover.

4. You are supporting a local business:

In these difficult times, supporting local businesses has never been more important. Small, independently-owned businesses like MRRC provide crucial economic support to our communities and help to create jobs. Plus, you get to enjoy the ambience of our small business, where our staff are passionate about what they do and care about giving you the best service possible.

5. You find unique blends to take home:

Finally, coffee roasters often make their own unique blends that you can’t find anywhere else. These blends are carefully crafted by the experts working at the roastery, which means you can be sure you’ll be getting the highest quality coffee possible. At MRRC, for example, we specialise in ‘Espresso Blend’, a mix of specialty grade Colombian and Guatemalan beans that makes for a perfect espresso every time. We also offer a range of decaf and flavoured coffee beans, so you’re sure to find something for everyone’s taste buds.

So next time you’re in search of a great cup of coffee, be sure to visit our roastery cafe in Vasse - you won’t regret it!