How Long Do Coffee Grounds Last?

It is estimated that Australians drink an average of 4 cups of coffee per day. Keeping our coffee addiction fuelled means having a supply of fresh, ground coffee. But how long do coffee grounds last, and what’s the best way to store them? In this article, we’ll explore how long coffee grounds can retain their freshness and the correct and improper ways to store them.

How Long Do Coffee Grounds Last?

Coffee grounds can last up to two weeks if you store them correctly - but the quality of taste and aroma changes over time. The fresher the grounds, the better the flavour. As the grounds age, a stale bitterness develops in the flavour, which fades the longer they are stored. The rate at which the quality of the coffee deteriorates depends on the way it is stored; stored correctly, with minimal exposure to air and other elements, ground coffee can last up to two weeks.

Factors Affecting the Quality of Coffee Grounds

There are a few factors that will affect how long coffee grounds last:


When exposed to air over a long period, coffees will release flavour-destroying compounds found in oxygen. This gives the coffee a dry, acrid, woody aroma.


Coffee beans and grounds are sensitive to light and can degrade in quality when exposed to ultraviolet light. This will result in a sour, woody flavour.


It’s important to keep the grounds moisture free, as moisture will cause the oils to oxidise and also create bacteria in the grounds.


The ideal storage temperature is between 13℃ and 18℃ and above 65℃ past its sell-by date.

Improper Storage

Storing coffee grounds improperly, such as in the fridge or freezer, can drastically reduce its shelf life and alter the taste of the drink. 

How to Store Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are best stored in an airtight container at room temperature; a well-sealed jar or container is ideal. The container should also be opaque because of the light sensitivity factor. You can freeze the grounds, but this is not recommended as it will alter the flavour and cause moisture to coalesce, making grounds clump together.

When stored correctly, coffee grounds can last around two weeks. At Margaret River Roasting Co., we offer biweekly deliveries, so you can ensure that your coffee is always fresh and full of flavour. Take a look at our subscriptions on offer, or contact us to discuss the best coffee options for your needs.

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