Brewing a Better Tomorrow: Margaret River Roasting Co. & Line in the Sand Partnership

Life starts after coffee, they say, but at Margaret River Roasting Co., we believe life also continues – for our planet and future generations – after coffee. In line with this belief, we’re proud to announce our exciting partnership with Line in the Sand, a respected not-for-profit organisation based in the Margaret River region of South West Australia.

Coffee That Gives Back

Here at Margaret River Roasting Co., we've long been passionate about creating quality coffee. But our love for coffee is matched only by our commitment to our home - the stunning South West coast. To combine these two loves, we've partnered with Line in the Sand, crafting our first-ever organic blend - The Line in the Sand Blend.

This unique blend, with tantalising flavours of chocolate, cherry, and guava, not only tantalises the taste buds but also contributes to a greater cause. For every kilo sold, we're donating $5 to Line in the Sand. This means that every sip you take helps fund projects aimed at protecting and rehabilitating our South West coastline.

About Line in the Sand

But what is Line in the Sand? It's an organisation that believes in local action for global change. This not-for-profit registered charity partners with local groups in the Margaret River region, developing and executing environmental programs. Their focus? Inspiring the community to value, respect, and care for the coast, and engaging them in restoration activities for the benefit of future generations.

They protect and rehabilitate our beautiful coast, engaging volunteer groups and local schools in their efforts. They're also heavily involved in climate mitigation and adaption, conducting an annual Coastal Care event to share progress and brainstorm new initiatives. Importantly, Line in the Sand is dedicated to community awareness and education, developing tools to assist others in contributing to their efforts and acting responsibly towards our environment.

This great organisation is spearheaded by a committed committee, led by Chairperson Howard Cearns, co-founder of Little Creatures Brewing, and Deputy Chairperson Julian Kruger, an environmental scientist with 25 years of experience.

Current Projects

Since its establishment, Line in the Sand has launched numerous initiatives with local action groups and schools. Their Coastal Rehabilitation program, for example, collaborates with local volunteer coast care groups to manage and reinforce the region’s coastal ecosystems. Their "Adopt-a-Spot" program encourages local school communities to engage in long-term environmental restoration projects.

Cultural Connection Sessions are another initiative where Line in the Sand partners with local indigenous groups, building skills and knowledge in coast care and ensuring appropriate consultation is undertaken with aboriginal custodians.

Our Shared Vision

This partnership is a shared vision of two organisations that deeply love and respect our South West coast. Through this initiative, we aim to blend the perfect cup of coffee that leaves a lasting impact not just on your palate but on our community and the environment as well.

At Margaret River Roasting Co., we believe that businesses have a responsibility to contribute positively to their community. In Line in the Sand, we've found a partner who shares this belief and has demonstrated their commitment to protecting our coast and educating our community.

A Taste of Change

So next time you're in need of a coffee fix, consider a cup of our Line in the Sand Blend. It's not just a brew; it's a small step towards making the world a better place, one coffee cup at a time. It’s available for purchase in 250g or 1kg packs, suitable for all types of brewing, and contributes directly to a cause we’re so passionate about.

Join us in this journey towards a sustainable future. Because with every cup, you're helping us draw a line in the sand.