Margaret River Roasting Co's Exceptional Customer Service Outshines Competition in WA's Saturated Coffee Market

James Tischhauser founder Margaret River Roasting Company

Founder James Tischhauser is on a mission to make our mark in the competitive coffee scene of Western Australia. With his friends and co-founders, Isaac Kara and Craig Woods, Tischhauser aims to make Margaret River Roasting Company stand out through our outstanding customer service and employees who consistently go the extra mile.

Tischhauser recognises that there’s tough competition out there but that it boils down to this, “We have the best coffee out there”.

“What we do want to be is the best people out there because coffee comes and goes, but you either get a really bad experience with a staff member and that will change how you feel about going to that place again. Or, (our staff) could be the deciding factor that makes people go, ‘You know what, I’ll go out of my way because I know they know my name, they know my order’.”


Our workforce currently consist of 12 amazing staff members of whom two are based in Perth and the rest at our warehouse and coffee roastery in Vasse.

Our journey started back in 2016, when the founders saw a gap in the market - they noticed no local roasters were producing light-to-medium roast coffee in the South West, even though there was a steady demand for it. 

“We noticed a lot of cafes down here were just supplying coffee from Perth or even the east coast, and so we just thought what a great opportunity to have more of a local approach.”


After careful consideration, Vasse seemed like the best bet to set up shop as its conveniently located near Dunsborough, Busselton, and Margaret River. Here you can also find our coffee roastery cafe, offering customers an immersive journey from coffee bean to cup.

“The name Margaret River represents escape, for a lot of people it’s the week or two weeks that they have down south. For us we had to make sure we do justice to the name and I think people have really enjoyed our coffee.”


Currently our wholesale partners in WA consists of around 150 cafes, hotels, and restaurants. We have even extended our reach to clients as far as the east coast, Japan, and Indonesia. 

We are consistently bringing exciting new products to share with our customer such as the succesful Queensland-grown coffee Yira Yarkiny and our premium cold brew coffee brand, Craft Cold Brew.

Margaret River Roastery Cafe in Vasse

Our roastery in Vasse is a sanctuary for coffee lovers to be “whisked away”, as Tischhauser would put it. It offers our customers the quintessential coffee experience via walk-through tours to get an understanding of the process and products.