THE GRIND: Jack Medland, Moonshine Surfboards

We recently caught up with a long time friend of Margaret River Roasting Co. Jack Medland, from Moonshine Surfboards over coffee, and then hit the road in his 1968 Toyota Crown Wagon, for a late arvo surf along the South West Coast. This laid back, talented shaper, and absolute champion, spoke with us about what brought him into the world of surfboard shaping and the WA surfing community.

As glamorous as the sound of shaping boards for a day job sounds, it can be an absolute slog. Long, stuffy days in the shaping bay can be hard work, and temperatures can reach above 40 degrees in summer. But that doesn’t stop Jack from loving his job, the final product is what excites him the most.

How did you find surfing/love for surfing?

I first found it through the love of the sport and competition but later on through the culture that surrounds it.

What got you into shaping?

Learning to fix my own boards as a grom was my first introduction to the industry. It sort of stemmed into glassing/laminating and then into shaping too. I always wanted to shape my own boards but took a while to get to a stage I was happy with them.

Your work leans toward longboard shaping, what got you into longboards?

Working with Ross at Soul Boardstore as a grom I was heavily influenced by him and a bunch of his crusty mates always talking vintage boards and longboards. Vintage cars and vintage longboards were all I wanted to be a part of from an early stage.

What’s your fave process in the entire shaping process, from concept to completion?

I love it all from the order to shaping and glassing/sanding. The handover is pretty special. Seeing an idea come to life and now a physical product someone can ride a wave on.

What’s the fave board you’ve made to date?

Stringerless 1968 Midget Farrelly replica from an exact template. Polished and glassed-in fin period correct.

Where did the name Moonshine come from?

Sort of came along with the Surfboards from the Wild West theme. Little bit underground and alternative.

What breaks are on your bucket list locally/globally?

Shipwreck bay NZ, Chicama Peru,

What’s your advice for any grommets wanting to get into the surf industry?

Don't do it for the money

What’s your favourite South West break?

Yallingup is my favourite for sure, but any powerful right-handers really.

How do you drink your coffee?


We catch up with Jack on the reg, at our Vasse cafe grabbing his morning brew.. a Midnight blend fan.