What is SL28?: The Allure of this Unique Varietal

Emerald SL28 - Colombia - Margaret River Roasting Co


In the vast world of coffee, certain varieties stand out not just for their flavour, but for their history and rarity. One such gem is our Emerald SL28, a single-origin coffee grown by Felipe Arcila at Jardines Del Eden. This exceptional offering features the SL28 varietal, originally developed by Scott Laboratories in 1931 to thrive in Kenya's unique soils and climate. Today, its presence in Colombia is a rare and exciting find, making Emerald SL28 a true treasure for coffee enthusiasts. 

What is SL28?

SL28 is a coffee varietal celebrated for its resilience and distinctive flavour profile. Originally developed in Kenya, this varietal was designed to withstand the challenges of the Kenyan climate while producing high-quality coffee beans. The result is a coffee that boasts a complex and rich flavour, making it highly coveted among coffee connoisseurs.

The SL28 varietal is particularly notable for its ability to produce exceptional coffee in a variety of climates, though it is most famously associated with the distinctive terroir of Kenya. Its adaptability and unique characteristics have made it a favorite among coffee growers and enthusiasts alike.

The Journey of Emerald SL28

At Jardines Del Eden, Felipe Arcila has taken the renowned SL28 varietal and cultivated it in the lush, mountainous regions of Colombia. This is no small feat, as the SL28 is a rare sight in Colombian coffee farms. The uniqueness of its presence here adds to the intrigue and desirability of the Emerald SL28 microlot.

The meticulous processing of Emerald SL28 begins with a 24-hour dry aerobic fermentation, which enhances its intrinsic qualities. Following this, the cherries undergo a careful 50-hour fermentation process within Grainpro bags at temperatures below 22ºC. This method intensifies the coffee's vibrant character, ensuring that each bean reaches its full potential. The final stage involves drying the whole cherries on raised beds until they reach an ideal 11% moisture content, preserving their unique flavour profile.

Why is SL28 Special?

The rarity of SL28 in Colombia is a significant part of its allure. Most coffee lovers associate this varietal with Kenyan coffee, where it has been a staple for decades. The adaptation of SL28 to Colombian soil and climate is a testament to the innovative spirit of coffee growers like Felipe Arcila. This cross-continental journey not only brings a new dimension to the SL28 varietal but also enriches the diversity of Colombian coffee.

In the coffee world, SL28 is revered for its distinctive characteristics and limited availability. Its rarity outside Kenya makes it a prized find, especially for those who appreciate the nuances of single-origin coffees. The Emerald SL28 microlot embodies this rarity, offering a unique and prestigious addition to any coffee collection.

Tasting the Emerald SL28

What sets Emerald SL28 apart is not just its story, but its exceptional flavour. While typical tasting notes for SL28 might include bright, juicy fruitiness and a rich, complex profile, the Emerald SL28 brings its own unique twist due to the Colombian terroir and meticulous processing methods.

With each sip of Emerald SL28, you’re not just tasting a coffee; you're indulging in a rare varietal nurtured with precision and passion. This microlot offers a truly exceptional and memorable coffee experience, making it a standout choice for those who seek the extraordinary in their daily cup.

Emerald SL28 is more than just a coffee; it’s a celebration of the rich history and unique development of the SL28 varietal. From its origins in Kenya to its rare cultivation in Colombia, this coffee represents the innovation and dedication of growers like Felipe Arcila. For coffee enthusiasts looking to explore something truly unique and prestigious, Emerald SL28 is a must-try.