Cultivating Community and Culture over Coffee

Stronger Together: The Western Force

Official Coffee Supplier for The Western Force | Uniting Community, Culture and Coffee

Margaret River Roasting Co. is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Western Force as their official coffee supplier. This collaboration is steeped in shared values and a common mission - fostering unity, community, and sustainability.

Team Culture &

Shared Values

Margaret River Roasting Co.'s partnership with the Western Force is built on a foundation of shared values like unity, community, and sustainability. This collaboration is particularly emphasised by Huw Lock, the Business Development Manager at the Western Force, who highlights the importance of family values within the team. The aim is to leverage these shared values to foster a strong team culture, enhancing connections and relationships among players, coaches, and staff through the communal and unifying spirit of coffee.

Role of Coffee in

Building Connections

Coffee plays a central role in this partnership by acting as a catalyst for camaraderie and connection. Margaret River Roasting Co. believes in the power of coffee to bring people together, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This philosophy is extended to the Western Force, where their carefully crafted coffee helps fuel the daily efforts of the team, facilitating meaningful interactions and strengthening team bonds, all within the context of their rigorous sporting engagements. Adding a personal touch, our team members Jay and Steve are often on-site at events, morning catch-ups, and key team bonding sessions, providing freshly brewed coffee to enhance these moments and foster a sense of unity among the team.


Beyond the Field

Our collaboration with the Western Force extends well beyond simply providing coffee. It's centered on fostering long-term benefits and striving for excellence in all areas, not just within the sport. Through initiatives like the Regional Rugby Tour, we aim to engage with and contribute to regional communities, enhance the sport's reach, and build team cohesion through structured team-building activities. This partnership underlines our dedication to both the sport and its broader community implications, illustrating our commitment to making a significant, positive impact.