Barista Pro Coffee Scale - Eclipse - Margaret River Roasting Co
Barista Pro Coffee Scale - Eclipse - Margaret River Roasting Co

Barista Pro Coffee Scale - Eclipse

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The Precision Eclipse Scale ensures accuracy in grind & bean measurements from 0.1g to a maximum capacity of 5000g. The sensory system obtains the most precise weight of your dosage. The Eclipse uses functional touch screen LED to ensure readability, with only two touch buttons (Mode - M and On/Off/Tare) to enable usability.

The Eclipse is a digital scale that provides units of measurements in G,OZ, ML & LB. If you are looking to upscale your brew then the thermometer that plugs into the scale device via the USB-C port will maintain the desired temperature. The Precision Eclipse Scale also times your shot with the built-In timer to enable consistency in the coffee. The Scale comes with a 100g coffee calibration weight to balance out the ratio of the measurement for a new/clean reading.

The Eclipse scale also comes with a rubber protection mat that helps prevent spillage & heat damage. To re-charge your Precision Barista Pro Coffee Scale - connect the secondary USB-C chord into the port to attain battery life.


  • Eclipse Scale

  • 100g calibration weight

  • USB-C charging cable

  • Rubber mat

  • Digital USB-C Plug-in thermometer


  • Timer, weight, temperature, tri-displays

  • LED display screen

  • 100g calibration weight

  • USB-C Plug-in to USB charger

  • Digital thermometer reading

  • Shot timer

  • Measure & read in G, OZ, ML, LB

  • Rubber protection mat

  • Large surface area

  • Timer starts when water flow is detected


Power Supply - 1200mAH Lithium polymer battery (Lasting 6 -7 hours normal usage, 2 - 3 hours rough usage)

Range - 0.1g - 5000g

Input voltage - DC 5.1V

Input current - 500mA or .5 Amps

Temperature Display - 0-100°C

Materials - Rubber, Plastic, Steel

Weight - 445g


160 x 155 x 25 mm

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