Roast Level - Light/Medium
Tasting Notes - Milk Choc, Buttermilk, Almond
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Grind Type

250g - (approx. 15-18 cups *double shot)
500g - (approx. 30-35 cups *double shot)
1kg - (approx. 60-70 cups *double shot)

Delicate & Sweet: Genesis represents the origins of refined taste in coffee, blending subtle complexities with delightful sweetness. High-quality, freshly roasted coffee. 

Whether you prefer the creamy indulgence of milk or the pure, rich notes of hazelnut and apricot in a black coffee, this blend shines. Ideal for those who savour a nuanced, sophisticated brew rich in flavour.

All our coffees are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. 

SUITABLE FOR: Stovetop, Espresso and French Press

Customer Reviews

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andrea rindone
From fantastic to be disappointed

We bought 250g bags in Margaret River when we were in holiday.. and when we tried the coffee was fantastic and sooo good that we use to have 2 coffee in a row.. and the smell of coffee was amazing...
.. So then I bought online 1kg coffee bag.. and when I opened the smell was no good.. the smell of coffee was like really old coffee beans and the flavor was really disappointing... Because the beans was really old... I will give another try ordering another 1kg coffee and if I will receive another old bag.. I won't buy it online again.. but only when I will be in Margaret River for holidays... At the moment I recommend to not buy the coffee online. I hope to my next order I will receive the same quality of coffee when I bought in person.. keep in touch soon..

Eddie Enders
New favourite beans!

We stumbled across the Roastery Cafe while exploring the local area. This coffee was amazing and it quickly became our new fav. We bought a small bag to bring back to Brisbane and the coffee tasted just as good using our home espresso machine. I just ordered a 1kg bag. I highly recommend these beans!

Lynn C

Best one yet


Easily some of my favourite beans ever!!


Amazing service

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