Roast Level - Medium
Tasting Notes - Choc, Vanilla Ice cream, Red Berry
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Grind Type

250g - (approx. 15-18 cups *double shot)
500g - (approx. 30-35 cups *double shot)
1kg - (approx. 60-70 cups *double shot)

The Midnight Blend is a deep, rich flavour experience.

You will notice deep berry notes complementing rich chocolate flavours when enjoyed with milk. When served black, expect to taste sweet berries with a hint of citric acid, adding an exciting sparkle to the experience.

Drink Midnight if you love deep flavours in a rich and bold brew.

SUITABLE FOR: Stovetop, Espresso and French Press

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
A loop overly cuppa

We order direct online regularly ordering whole bean varieties and usually get 3/4 1kg bags. When I am teaching I also order the pods for the classroom for ease of use when busy. Midnight is a lovely flavour and I enjoy it with alternative milks while my husband loves his espressos. So delicious and keeps me wanting more. ☕️☕️

Sylvia Dermer
Midnight Delight

The Midnight Coffee Beans from Margaret River Roasting Company provide a full flavoured coffee with delicious warm tones. It is strong without any bitterness.

midnight magic

It's a top-notch brew, no fancy words needed. Five stars, easy. Cheers to the roasters! Will buy again (bought 1 bag for stove top moka pot and 1 bag of beans for the office!!)

Marianne Cairns
Fabulous coffee

Fantastic coffee - smooth and makes my morning 😍 - thank you MRRC

Meagan Greenmount
So good we chose to use it in our cafe

My partner and I went for a drive out of town one day and quickly stopped by a small cafe we had never tried. We ordered a coffee each and as we got in the car and took a sip, we both stopped in our tracks and agreed this was the best coffee we had ever tasted. We got out of the car, went back into the cafe and asked what beans they used. Midnight by Margaret River Roasting Company. Not long after this, my sister and I finished building our coffee caravan and we made the trip straight down to Vasse, to Margaret River Roasting Company. We tried their coffees and still, the Midnight blend blew our minds!! We decided right then and there that this was the blend we needed in our van and I con honestly say, every single one of our customers has commented how amazing the coffee is! No regrets at all!! You guys are amazing!

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