MRRC On-the-Go Drip Bag Coffee: Savour Premium Flavour & Convenience Anywhere

Savour Premium Flavour & Convenience Anywhere
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250g - (approx. 15-18 cups *double shot)
500g - (approx. 30-35 cups *double shot)
1kg - (approx. 60-70 cups *double shot)

Indulge in rich, aromatic coffee anywhere with MRRC's convenient, portable drip bag coffee packs perfect single serve or pour over coffee. Designed for easy brewing, our premium coffee is perfect for home, office, or outdoor adventures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Small 12g individually-packed servings for your convenience
  • Effortless brewing process, perfect for busy lifestyles
  • Minimal equipment is required - only a cup and a kettle are necessary!
  • Expertly filter-roasted for a delightful taste, with or without milk
  • Compact and portable, ideal for taking along on your next-day trip!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anthony Mader
Highlight of my day

I just completed 2 weeks in feild for the army reserves and packing these were the best thing I had done! Compact, light and easy to use! They added no weight to my pack and simply boil some water, add a tube of condensed milk (all I had) and it was all I needed to go another day! This will be my new method for coffee in field.

Rob H
Coffee with Convenience

I bought these to try whilst traveling for work. I have purchased similar from another brand in the past but didn’t love their product. This was a whole different story.
The pour through bags were of a thick enough weave that the coffee has time to ‘brew’ leading to a good full-body coffee. The bag of other brand I tried was a lot thinner thereby allowing the water to pour through quickly resulting in a weak, bland coffee.
Will definitely recommend these for the convenience of a good coffee whilst ‘on the run’ or if access to another coffee machine isn’t possible. Will definitely buy again.


such great coffee.. perfect to take camping / holidays