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Timemore Crystal Eye Glass Dripper

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Timemore’s latest coffee dripper is designed around the principle of brewing coffee in real time and through many innovations, the Crystal Eye Glass Coffee Dripper was born. Divided into three parts, moving from the top down in to the cone, these zones benefit the brewer, aiding in a constant steady flow throughout the bed of coffee and consistent even extraction throughout.

The top zone is smooth, without any ribs, as this allows the filter to attach to the wall more reliably, which keeps water inside the brew rather than running behind the filter to early. The middle zone is applies a concave overhead principle rather than the convex principle to the cone dripper, where Timemore recommend is the best area to continue adding water from as it breaks up turbulence and will be easier to control flow rate from.

The third zone has grooves running to the exit to maximise flow whilst avoiding the water stalling in the bed, clogging and causing the coffee to over-extracting. Higher yields and tastier coffee are a goal for all coffee brewing and the Crystal Eye to ensure water runs smoothly down through the dripper unhampered by the usual short falls of cone filters.